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Founded in 1974, our fourteen-person firm covers Southern California, including San Diego, Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico.

  • Southern California
  • Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico

Medical / Instrumentation Lines


CTS: Resistive networks, RF timing modules, quartz crystals, oscillators, RF ceramic filters, EMI/RFI filters, trimmers, dip switches, precision potentiometers, rotary mechanical and optical encoders, rotary switches, Tusonix EMD products


Amphenol RF: RF connectors up to 65GHz, RF cable assemblies, coaxial adapters, HD-EFI & HD-AFI connectors


DONTECH: Optical display bonding, Enhanced display solutions, EMI/RFI display solutions, Display heaters


INSIGHT SIP: Bluetooth smart modules, combo smart modules, smart devices and demos, custom design services


DATATRONICS: Custom magnetics, custom power inductors, high voltage magnetics, military magnetics



LXD: Custom LCD modules, A/N & graphic modules, character modules, segment glass displays, Digital TFTS, US Engineering


PRECI-DIP: Spring loaded connectors, pogo pin connectors, PCB connectors, DIL/SIL/TO sockets, PGA/BGA/PLCC sockets, contacts, MIL contacts 


GLOBAL POWER: SiC Devices, SiC Modules, Silicon Modules, Sub systems