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Founded in 1974, our fourteen-person firm covers Southern California, including San Diego, Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico.

  • Southern California
  • Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico

Our focus is on creating engineering value and to deliver quality and professional technology to our customers.

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Fair-Rite: EMI suppression beads, PC & chip beads, SM beads ( Common & Differential mode),
Flexible ferrites, round cable EMI suppression cores & Snap-Its, Flat cable EMI suppression cores & Snap-Its



HIROSE CONNECTORS: Circular, rectangular, coax, Board-to-Board, Modular, Card edge, Memory cards, Sockets, Optical connectors


PRECI-DIP: Spring loaded connectors, pogo pin connectors, PCB connectors, DIL/SIL/TO sockets, PGA/BGA/PLCC sockets, contacts, MIL contacts


CTS: Resistive networks, RF timing modules, quartz crystals, oscillators, RF ceramic filters, EMI/RFI filters, trimmers, dip switches, precision potentiometers, rotary mechanical and optical encoders, rotary switches, Tusonix EMD products


DATATRONICS: Custom magnetics, custom power inductors, high voltage magnetics, military magnetics




 LEMO: High-Quality Circular Push-Pull Connectors (metal and REDEL plastic), ratchet screw type, hybrid, fiber optics, fluidic/pneumatic, crimp or solder, custom design, cable assembly services


FUJITSU: EM Relays: Signal, Power, Auto; Embedded Thermal Printers; Resistive Touch Panels, Connectors, Wireless Modules


  ANALOGIX: Semiconductors for the Digital Media Market, Packetized Digital Interface, VR


SEMIQ: SiC Devices, SiC Modules, Silicon Modules, Sub systems


DIALOG SEMICONDUCTOR: PMIC, Bluetooth LE, Audio CODECs, Power Conversion.




GOWIN: Specializes in under 100K LUTs devices, devices optimized for high security, IOT & AI



RECOM: AC/DC and DC/DC converters, switching regulators, LED Drivers


DONTECH: Optical display bonding, Enhanced display solutions, EMI/RFI display solutions, Display heaters


STORM: Copper Bus Bars, Flex braid & assembly, Aluminum bus bars, Laminated multi layer bus bars


HARDING ENERGY: Custom battery and charger systems


CTI ELECTRONICS: OEM industrial keyboards, Inductive joysticks, optical joysticks, pointing devices, OEM & panel mount trackballs


QUALTEK: AC & DC fans, Heat shrink & cable ties, power cords, AC receptacles


Electro Switch: Rotary switches, rockers, toggles, encoders, indicator lights, pushbuttons, CW Industries switches, CTI keyboards, joysticks